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LaraKriegerLaw.com » Complex Motion Practice

Complex Motion Practice

complexLara brings her persuasive writing skills and strategic approach to bear in crafting complex and oftentimes dispositive pre-trial and post-trial motions. These include motions for summary judgment or summary adjudication, demurrers, motions to dismiss, motions for a new trial, and motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict.


Lara’s pre-trial motion practice experience includes:

  • In a federal wrongful death and civil rights action against a municipality, Lara drafted motion for summary judgment that successfully disposed of several causes of action, which led to a favorable settlement.
  • In coordinated California cases, Lara filed a successful demurrer on behalf of a bank in the automobile-leasing business. The lawsuit demanded refunds of state taxes on automobile leases from the banks that had collected and transmitted the taxes to the California taxing authorities.

Lara helps trial counsel to strategize and draft post-trial motions, such as motions relating to excessive or insufficient damages awards. Post-trial motions regarding damages are particularly relevant to an appeal because those issues can’t be addressed on appeal if the aggrieved party didn’t first file the requisite post-trial motion in the trial court.

In addition to drafting and collaborating on dispositive motions, Lara is experienced in helping trial counsel during trial, including drafting motions in limine, jury instructions, and special verdict forms. Many of these filings will shape the chances of a successful appeal. For example, jury instructions present questions of law and are therefore rich fodder for appeals. Erroneous jury instructions are among the most common grounds for successful appeals.

Lara can be reached at (310) 975-8513 or at LKrieger@LaraKriegerLaw.com.

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